Why blog on your website?

Setting up a business blog has been on my own ‘to-do’ list for quite a while now. I create blog content for some of my clients and every time I hit publish, I know I should be doing the same for me.

Now that my new website is ready, I’m excited to have my own blog page to fill with lots of social media and digital marketing hints and tips and to tell the story of my freelance business.

So why do I recommend that you consider blogging as part of your content marketing mix?  Here are a few reasons that might encourage you to start planning your first blog post…


  • Building relationships – blogs are a great opportunity to connect with your customers or potential customers in a meaningful way.  By consistently sharing your expertise, you are starting conversations, adding value and  giving people more reason to return to your website.


  • SEO – from a more technical perspective, regular blog content improves your search engine rankings as it updates the website with more fresh content and gives the search engine algorithms more reasons to index your website frequently.


  • Content marketing – don’t just think of your blog post as one piece of content! You can share it across your social media channels (see what I did there…) not once but many times. I’m not suggesting you spam people with your blog content (!) but you can get  really creative with how you share it. I’m talking link posts, infographics, quotes, a slide show video, maybe even go live to talk about it… all of which can be included as part your social media strategy. Consider calendar hooks as well.  When might your blog post be most relevant to your audience? Make sure you share it again then too.


  • People buy from people – creating blog content that shares what you’re up to, the work you’re doing and what it’s like behind the scenes  is a great way to tell the story of your business. It also acts as a record for you and your team to look back on!


  • Lead generation – if you offer B2B services then you should consider blogging as part of your lead generation strategy. What are your objectives? Where do you want your blog post to sit in terms of your sales funnel? Is it a brand awareness piece? Or building a greater understanding of your services? Blogs can help customers take that crucial next step in working with you.


  • Content creation – as well as the technical and business focused reasons, blogging for your business is also an excellent opportunity to have some fun and create some awesome content. It’s a straight-forward way to create and share some on-brand content and really find the voice for your business.


If you have any blogging questions then get in touch. Or if you think this post might be useful to someone then please do share it!