The New Year is an exciting time to set goals for your business, reflect and evaluate on past strategies and set off with a clear focus on where you want your business to go next.

Are you looking to launch a new product or service this year? Raise awareness of your business? Or engage more with existing and potential customers? Whatever your objective, having a consistent social media presence will take you a step forward in reaching these goals and identifying what type of content works for your business and your audience.

When it comes to managing your business social media presence, it can easily feel overwhelming and like you need to do it all at once. My biggest piece of advice is to break it down into individual tasks and plan to spend time on each of those on its own. So block out time for planning, research, content creation, scheduling, engagement, evaluation etc…

I’ve also pulled out a few more tips to help you post more frequently and consistently in 2019, without searching each day for something to post!

Planning sessions

Block out a social media planning session at the beginning of each month. ¬†Schedule a couple of hours to map out what’s going on in your business this month, what’s going on in your industry and what’s happening that might be of interest to your audience.


Research relevant hashtags. Depending on the right platform for your business, spend some time identifying key hashtags that you can follow and attach to your content but also use to curate useful content. ¬†Your social media feeds shouldn’t always be about your business and sharing good quality content from others in your community or that’s simply of interest to your audience is an effective way to increase engagement.

Awareness Days

Plan content for relevant awareness days. Another good way to create content is to identify awareness days that are appropriate for your business and audience. Yes there’s usually something everyday (!) but be considered and strategic about which ones are right for you i.e. one or two a month.


Create templates of your branded content so that they’re easy to populate – spending some time upfront creating branded templates mean that you can create a lot of content very quickly. My favourite online tool is Canva, as once you’ve set up your brand colours and fonts it’s very straightforward to create some good quality visual content.


Where you can, schedule your content in advance either using on platform tools or apps. If your content is ready to go, then schedule away or where you plan to post live, set alerts in your diary.

If you’d like any more information about social media content strategy then please do contact me.

Wishing you a positive start to 2019!