Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Looking for some clearer direction on your social channels? Have a new product or service to launch? Want some campaign inspiration? I can create a bespoke content strategy for you and your business.

I work with businesses and agencies to develop content strategies that tie in with your overall business goals and are effective in driving action and engagement on social media.

I work with my clients to deliver:

  • A detailed understanding of your target audience and the social media landscape for the positioning of your brand
  • Social media and PR business or campaign key messages
  • Platform-specific strategies that enables you to share timely and consistent content
  • A list of relevant influencers that would be appropriate for your brand to engage with
  • Branded social media images and videos
  • Bespoke blog content
  • Recommendations for how you can grow the success of your content by a savvy use of social advertising spend
  • Recommendations on how you can optimise your website or landing pages to increase engagement

For more information on how I can create a bespoke content strategy for you then get in touch.